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Zepro Engine Oil

Idemitsu raises the bar on quality, performance and fuel economy with the launch of ZEPRO premium engine oils. Using unique synthetic lubricant technology previously exclusive to our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers for factory fill and genuine oils, Idemitsu ZEPRO engine oils are formulated to exceed OEM standards.


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Zepro OW-16 Bottles


Perfect for next-generation hybrids. An ultra-low viscosity full synthetic that provides outstanding fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

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Zepro OW-20 Bottle

ZEPRO 0W-20with Advanced Molybdenum

Optimized for vehicles with “stop-start” technology. Advanced Molybdenum formulation reduces friction for excellent fuel economy, power and durability.

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Zepro OW-20 Dexos Bottles

ZEPRO 0W-20dexos1™ Approved

Developed for GM Ecotec engines. Provides excellent fuel economy while eliminating low-speed pre-ignition events in turbocharged engines.

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Zepro 5W-30 Bottle

ZEPRO 5W-30dexos1™ Approved

Developed for GM Ecotec engines. Delivers improved durability and superior wear protection in extreme operating conditions.

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Zepro 5W-40 Bottle

ZEPRO 5W-40Euro Formulation

Meets the stringent performance requirements of advanced European turbocharged and naturally aspirated gasoline and diesel engines.

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