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Idemitsu has a rich history of developing products alongside leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from project onset, and today is a specialist in low-viscosity, fuel-saving lubrication solutions. From engine oil to automatic and continuously variable transmission fluid, power steering fluid to PAG A/C compressor oil, Idemitsu has you covered with lubricants the OEMs trust.


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Engine Oil

Idemitsu is a leader in low-viscosity development and formulated the first 0W-20 viscosity. Our technicians have worked closely with engineers from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, GM and FCA to meet the most stringent performance and protection requirements.


Automatic Transmission Fluid & Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid

Idemitsu automatic and continuously variable transmission fluids are factory-fill quality products engineered specifically to meet each manufacturer’s strict standards.


Power steering fluid

The Idemitsu power steering fluid offers the best protection and performance for your power steering system.


PAG A/C Compressor Oil

World’s #1 PAG Oils! Idemitsu has partnered with most of the world’s largest automotive A/C compressor OEMs to develop technologically advanced PAG oils that deliver excellent performance in automotive climate control systems, contributing to reliable long-term operation.


Rotary Racing Products

Racing oil and fuel premix specifically formulated to help rotary engines perform their best.


Idemitsu EV Fluids

Introducing Idemitsu Electric Vehicle Fluids. Idemitsu works directly with OEMs and understands that e-motors require dedicated oils that have been optimized and formulated differently than conventional fluids.


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