Laptop ZEPRO 5W-30 Bottles

Idemitsu Lubricants Now Available on Amazon!

Vehicle maintenance just got simpler for do-it-yourselfers with the full line of Idemitsu lubricants now available on

A/C Dial

Idemitsu In Your A/C

You may think the only Idemitsu lubricants running through your vehicle are engine-related. There may be another Idemitsu product in there, however, one that’s helping to keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable.

Viscosity ZEPRO Bottle

Idemitsu Low-viscosity Lubricants Meet the High Demands of New Engines

In response to changes in emissions legislation, new engines are becoming more compact and fuel-efficient. Plus, they satisfy demands for power and cost containment. Idemitsu continues to stay current with these engine-specific technologies by developing oils engineered to withstand the demands of new engine designs with eco-friendly benefits while still delivering superior performance.

Idemitsu Testing Lab

Welcome to Idemitsu’s New In-house R&D Facility

As a leader in the lubricant industry, Idemitsu is constantly working to improve the development process by meeting with automakers and performing extensive testing in the lab.