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Idemitsu ATF/CVTF

Idemitsu automatic and continuously variable transmission (ATF & CVTF) formulations are exclusively designed to meet the needs of specific Asian vehicle transmission applications. Each formula uniquely differs with respect to viscosity, oxidation prevention, friction durability, aeration control and wear protection. Since an ATF/CVTF touches every component in a transmission, internal material compatibility is critical, and Idemitsu offers the assurance that each Idemitsu ATF and CVTF formulation has been evaluated and approved for material compatibility.

ATF & CVTF Bottles

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ATF Type TLS Bottles

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Transmission-specific ATF for better performance, fuel economy and wear protection.

ATF Type TLS Bottles

Continuously Variable Transmission Fluids

Transmission-specific CVTF for better performance, fuel economy and wear protection.

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Leader in the development of low-viscosity full synthetic lubricants and the first to develop a 0W-20 engine oil

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Meets the most stringent performance and protection requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world


Engineered using advanced wear-control and superior additive chemistry for better protection