A/C Dial

Idemitsu In Your A/C

You may think the only Idemitsu lubricants running through your vehicle are engine-related. There may be another Idemitsu product in there, however, one that’s helping to keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable.

Changes in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) have led to the HFO-1234yf product, which is more environmentally friendly than the previously used HFC-134a oil. Automakers are making the switch from HFC-134a to HFO-1234yf well before the regulation compliance model year date of 2021.


Because it’s better. Idemitsu’s unique HFO-1234yf formulation caps both ends of the molecule to create a non-reactive lubricant that offers stability to an unstable refrigerant. In short, the technology creates a better product that delivers the following benefits:

  • Unsurpassed lubricity
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Chemical and thermal stability
  • Proper miscibility with new HFO ozone-friendly and older HFC refrigerants

Those benefits are proof-positive. Idemitsu Daphne Hermetic oils (HFO-1234yf) are used in 80% of OEM compressors worldwide, and 90% in the United States.