Viscosity ZEPRO Bottle

Idemitsu Low-viscosity Lubricants Meet the High Demands of New Engines

In response to changes in emissions legislation, new engines are becoming more compact and fuel-efficient. Plus, they satisfy demands for power and cost containment. Idemitsu continues to stay current with these engine-specific technologies by developing oils engineered to withstand the demands of new engine designs with eco-friendly benefits while still delivering superior performance.

You might ask, why do new engines need a lower viscosity engine oil?

Good question. New engines are smaller and are often boosted with a supercharger or turbocharger, so they run at high temperatures with regions of high pressure. A low-viscosity engine oil (thinner oil) is required to flow through the moving surfaces of the more compact engine to protect all of the moving parts. If the oil viscosity is high (thicker oil), the internal parts of the engine struggle to move the lubricant through the system and energy is wasted. Simply put, the engine works harder and doesn’t perform as well. And that means fewer miles per gallon and higher emissions.

That being said, the oil must also be robust enough to resist breakdown so they protect the engine between oil change intervals. It’s an intricate and delicate balance, and it’s one Idemitsu has perfected. That’s why Honda, Mazda and Subaru trust Idemitsu to manufacture 0W-20 synthetic oil as the engine’s first “drink” right on the assembly line.

Idemitsu’s low-viscosity engine oils include Idemitsu 0W-16 and 0W-20 synthetic oil.