Idemitsu Testing Lab

Welcome to Idemitsu’s New In-house R&D Facility

As a leader in the lubricant industry, Idemitsu is constantly working to improve the development process by meeting with automakers and performing extensive testing in the lab.

These processes are now performed in-house, thanks to the recently opened Research and Development Center located in Wixom, Michigan.

The new R&D facility answers a lot of needs for the company as it works to stay ahead of emissions and efficiency regulations. Idemitsu researchers use a combination of existing data and testing in the lab — which involves the blending of each formulation, combined with extensive analytical, benchmarking and fieldwork testing.

It starts with communication with automakers to determine specific product needs and struggles, then developing products based on that criteria. Following product development, it’s back to the lab and the field for extensive testing and refinement.

Altogether, the in-house operation promotes the speed, efficiency and overall cost-savings for continued technologically advanced lubricants.