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Introducing Idemitsu Electric Vehicle Fluids. Idemitsu works directly with OEMs and understands that e-motors require dedicated oils that have been optimized and formulated differently than conventional fluids. Idemitsu EV Fluids are developed with key considerations that make them the best choice for efficiency in electric vehicles: motor position, ASTM material compatibility, thermal conductivity, additive research and testing. And, Idemitsu EV Fluids utilize novel base oil technology for improved heat transfer.


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New Idemitsu EV Fluid Type‑A

Idemitsu EV Fluid Type‑A

  • For e-motors integrated with the gears requiring specific electrical and material compatibility, excellent thermal transfer and ultra-low viscosity
  • Provides longer shudder prevention life and better clutch performance

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New Idemitsu EV Fluid Type‑C

Idemitsu EV Fluid Type‑C

  • For e-motors applied to the engine or the existing transmission with specific electrical and material compatibility and added thermal transfer requirements
  • Delivers reliable gear protection and efficient motor cooling
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New Idemitsu EV Fluid Type‑G

Idemitsu EV Fluid Type‑G

  • For e-motors at the rear axle with extremely high speeds and small sump volumes
  • Offers low viscosity and excellent gear protection
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