Power Steering Fluid Bottle


Idemitsu power steering fluid provides the best protection and performance on the market with less noise, wear and repair costs, and maintains consistency over time.

  • Advanced formulation technology provides outstanding protection to the entire power steering system while delivering smooth performance under the most severe operating conditions
  • Unique friction reduction technology provides efficient and noise-free operation
  • Superior low-temperature performance for easy flow and protection against cavitation and elimination of “squawking” and “squealing”
  • Robust anti-wear and inhibitor chemistry provides enhanced component and fluid durability and long life
  • Excellent compatibility with seals, gaskets and internal components to reduce the potential for leaks and ensures smooth performance over extended intervals
The Idemitsu Advantage
Description Part Number
12 Ounce 30040106-97200C020

Chemical/Physical Properties

Test Unit Method Typical Results
Appearance Visual Amber Clear Liquid
Density @ 15°C g/cm3 ASTM D4052 0.864
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C cSt ASTM D445 38.3
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C cSt ASTM D445 7.65
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 174
Pour Point °C ASTM D97 -54
Brookfield Viscosity @ -40°C cP ASTM D2983 23,000
Flash Point, COC °C ASTM D92 217