CVTF Type H2

Idemitsu CVTF Type H2 is specifically formulated to meet and exceed the latest performance and protection requirements of continuously variable transmissions for Honda vehicles. Idemitsu CVTF Type H2 is recommended to use where HCF-2 transmission fluid is specified.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

This advanced formulation incorporates proprietary additives with high-quality base oil to provide superior performance in push belt CVTs to ensure:

  • Outstanding anti-shudder performance and smooth shifting
  • Optimal fuel efficiency by maximizing torque and horsepower output
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown, providing longer fluid life
  • Seamless torque transfer from the engine to the wheels and longer clutch life performance
  • Enhanced transmission life by minimizing metal-to-metal wear and protecting against sludge and varnish build-up

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Description Part Number
1 Quart 30041114-75000C020
5 Quart 30041114-95300C020

Chemical/Physical Properties

Characteristics Units Test Method Typical Value
Color - Visual Light Brown
Density @ 15°C g/cm3 ASTM D4052 0.85
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C cSt ASTM D445 7.07
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C cSt ASTM D445 29.2
Brookfield Viscosity @ -40°C mPa.s ASTM D2270 8800
Foam, Seq I @ 24°C ml-ml ASTM D892 0-0
Foam, Seq II @ 93.5°C ml-ml ASTM D892 10-0
Foam, Seq III @ 24°C ml-ml ASTM D892 0-0

Specifications & Approvals

Idemitsu CVTF Type H2 is designed to exceed the performance required for the latest generation of continuously variable transmissions where HCF-2CVT fluid is specified.